So you have already arranged to meet with a business advisor once, twice or three times a month.  You meet, review your progress, get your homework and go back to work.

What about all those questions that arise in between meetings?  How do I handle….?  What Business_and_Related_013would you do about….?  A customer just did this, now what?  You have a question and you just need an answer right away, you need to settle the question and get on with your business now, not in two or three weeks.

Finally, there is a solution:  eAdvisor.

Unique among business advisors, we offer a service connecting you electronically to your advisor so you can ask questions in between meetings.

We offer three levels of eAdvisor access to your business advisor:

Silver – one email question per week

Gold – two email questions per week

Platinum – five email questions per week

Our advising clients are now automatically enrolled in Silver eAdvisor absolutely free, a $499 additional value per quarter.  Of course, clients may upgrade to Gold or Platinum.

How this works

Once enrolled, you receive a private email account just for use for eAdvisor.

You email me your question.  I will field any questions about the life of running a small business.  One question per email.  The question needs to be straight forward, a question that I can answer without further research.  I will respond in 24 hours.

You can ask me to look at copy of potential advertising, review a letter, send refer you to resources that I have, offer suggestions as to handling people, look at your website, anything about running a small business.  Some questions need to be referred to a legal or financial or technical expert and my answer could reflect that.

I don’t do questions on Fridays, weekends or holidays.  If you miss a question in a week, don’t double up the next week.  The objective is to focus on an issue at a time.

E-Advisor Subscriptions for Nonclients

Now eAdvisor is available by subscription for business owners are are not advising clients.  Perhaps you are not ready to a recurring advising agreement.  Perhaps you need a little help to move your success line.

Subscribe to eAdvisor

Silver – one question per week                    $499 per quarter

Gold – two questions per week                     $599 per quarter

Platinum – four questions per week             $699 per quarter

Contact us today to enroll.