Checklist “Feel Good”

Let’s face it, many of us like lists.  They can help us get organized and stay focused.  I find that there is also a downside.  Lists can also enable us to “feel good” that we’ve got it, been there and done that.  Whoa nellie, not so fast.
Here is a good example.  Frank Bucaro wrote a nice piece in Linked2Leadership entitled “Leadership and Ethics, the Eight Great Habits” (Linked2Leadership 8/16/11)

Taken as a set of self-reflective pointers, I found it stimulating.  Take this one:  “How am I a better person because I am part of this organization?“.

No, I’m not talking about spieling off a trite or politically correct response as to a situational interview question.  Really, am I?  The answer some days might be “no” and a trend of same speaks to time for change in capital letters.

Taken as a checklist, I find the list quickly loses it’s value for me and descends into triviality.  I don’t spend much time daily reviewing lists such as this one.  What I do is look for challenge points that catch me.

When one does, I nab it and work it until I find my own journey as a leader has progressed over, under, through and beyond the hurdle.  Then I look for the next one.  If nothing catches you in this list, toss it.  If it does, that might be your next diamond in the rough.

Here is the list:
Start building ethical habits by using these 8 reflection points each day: