Do I Need An Advisor?


When your experience with your business is not matching your expectations, or worse, is a drag upon the rest of your life, it’s likely a business advisor could assist you.

We don’t consider business owners as “having problems” when they decide to engage a business advisor and coach. Quite the contrary! An owner who recognizes that outside perspective brings valuable insight and urgency into propelling them into new levels of success has taken the first step. After all, every Olympian, every sports team, many performers have coaches not because they have “problems” but to propel them into greater levels of performance more in keeping with their goals.

We certainly know that the question of needing a business advisor is not a question of the small business owner’s competence or drive. Entrepreneurs are generally hard working, energetic, intelligent people who strive to excel.

For a new enterprise, the consideration may be a straightforward question: Do I know how to take my passion and construct a successful business around it without losing myself and my passion in the process? Most new businesses fail exactly because their entrepreneurial founders did not.

For existing business owners, review the following list of questions. If more than one or two of these mirror your situation, you probably could benefit from the services of a trusted business advisor.Balance

Your Business – Do you struggle or worry about:

  1. Getting customers and keeping them
  2. Getting good employees and and them
  3. Making money and then using it well
  4. Too many problems and surprises
  5. Trying to stay ahead of your competition
  6. Too much unpredictability in your market
  7. Controlling rising costs
  8. Managing people without becoming a dragon
  9. Building good supplier relationships and then keeping them

Your life – Do you struggle or worry about:

  1. Too muchย stress from work
  2. Too much confusion, Too much information
  3. Too many obstacles and resistance
  4. Never enough resources for what needs to be done
  5. Too much change
  6. Staff don’t care about your work as much as you do
  7. Too little time left for you or your family
  8. You rarely spend time doing the work you actually feel passionate about
  9. Your personal and family life is negatively impacted by your workEnjoy Your Work and Enjoy Your Life

If these mirror your situation, whether for a new enterprise or an existing small business, contact COO Advisors.ย  We can Move Your Success Line too!