Born To Make Mistakes – Failing Forward

We get ourselves into such knots trying to run our businesses and trying to run our lives.  I see this every day both with clients I speak to and in my own deliberations about how I lead myself.

Asking “why” we would expect our business to run perfectly as a hallmark of success when we see our live do not is a great “can-opener question”.

In pursuing the argument  a bit further, I see that life not only does not run perfectly, it is full of what could be characterized as mistakes, misfires, false starts, even failures.  At least mine is.

I now see these so-called mistakes as part of the design of living, as inherent to growth and discovery now as they were when as a babe, I stood and fell hundreds of times in learning to walk.  These are the struggle points of growth.

As my business is part of my life, why would I expect my work to be absent these same so-called mistakes, errors and even failures?  In work too, these are natural signs of growth and building success.

The kaizan process-improvement teachers have a saying “fail forward, quickly”.  The message is to try, fail sometimes, learn and try again as step-by-step, the success accrues.


As a business coach, the one guarantee I can make is that in working together, we will make mistakes as certainly as we build greater and greater success.



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