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Why You Need a Business Coach from Google CEO Eric Schmidt

In this video, Eric Schmidt, the CEO of Google, explains why he needs a business coach and why every business owner does.  

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Toughest Aspect of Leadership – Surrender

Surrender?  What?  We hear cues almost daily in our culture that surrender is not a viable business position.  Surrender is akin to failure, losing and admitting defeat, or is it? Mike Myatt at Forbes wrote a great piece arguing that … Continue reading

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Top Ten Ways to Improve Your Business While Improving Your Life

1. Take action now 2. Show up, don’t hang back 3. Lean into what resists you 4. Start anywhere, just start 5. Keep busy, keep moving 6. Get out more, don’t get isolated 7. Ask for help, then offer to … Continue reading

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Born To Make Mistakes – Failing Forward

We get ourselves into such knots trying to run our businesses and trying to run our lives.  I see this every day both with clients I speak to and in my own deliberations about how I lead myself. Asking “why” … Continue reading

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How we move the success line – video

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We apply intuitive intelligence – video

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Checklist “Feel Good”

Let’s face it, many of us like lists.  They can help us get organized and stay focused.  I find that there is also a downside.  Lists can also enable us to “feel good” that we’ve got it, been there and … Continue reading

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What’s Behind the Buzz about Transforming Government

Most leaders have by now been exposed to a veritable alphabet soup of quality improvement initiiaves.  There were Quality Circles, TQM, SQI and CQI; remember those?  I do and have even  taught them. Now LEAN and Six-Sigma are the popular … Continue reading

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Is Extreme Government Makeover Really Extreme?

Last time, we introduced Ken Miller’s work called Extreme Government Makeover. Unlike many waste cutters and efficiency improvers, Ken comes from government service. He cut his process improvement teeth working to reduce the waiting lines at the Missouri DMV. After … Continue reading

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Hometown Reality Check and Dreaming Big

I recently visited my growing up hometown back in the midwest for a family get together. Late one night, I went out for a walk in the pleasant night air and found myself walking from the home where I had … Continue reading

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